Peter Humberd (Film Maker) is also fondly known as Humberd Portland because majority of his films are based in Portland. In fact, he shoots and bases almost each of his film in the land he’s familiar with, has grown-up with, and has created something of a niche for himself- something he’s almost synonymous with. Today, after over decades of hard quality work, Peter Humberd is known for consistency and true grit in creating extraordinary moments for viewers. He makes an extra effort to get the perfection he looks for in every single frame.
Peter Humberd born in middle class refugee family. His family had no connection with the camera. After enrolled in a film school peter learned the film making. In this feld of art he worked as an assistant with a popular director. Director help him to polish his skill in a huge. His dedication makes him awarded with a golden opportunity to showcase his movie in most film festival. He is a example for those who want to be successful filmmaker or want to try their luck in art of film.